Dylan is an amazing hip-hop artist from Orange County, New York. He's released two EPs and a full length album.
He has been featured in online press, on television, and on numerous radio stations. He has traveled across the country to perform and has opened for many well-known artists.

Disclaimer: I am not Dylan Owen.
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Dylan Owen at Webster Hall, NYC 5/21/12. @dylanowenmusic #nyc #keepyourfriendsclose

Get pumped!!


tonight. 8pm.

So who is going to see Dylan on his new spring tour??


Here are the correct dates for Dylan’s next shows!

Go go go!

Dylan Owen - “In the Corner” ft. Kinetics

Off of his new EP Keep Your Friends Close.

Free Download Here.


Some photos from @dylanowenmusic ‘s show last night at Fordham.


TOMORROW! @dylanowenmusic is releasing his new EP #KeepYourFriendsClose FOR FREE. Check him out. You won’t be disappointed. :)

today is the day! dylan’s releasing keep your friends close in 4 hours!