Dylan is an amazing hip-hop artist from Orange County, New York. He's released two EPs and a full length album.
He has been featured in online press, on television, and on numerous radio stations. He has traveled across the country to perform and has opened for many well-known artists.

Disclaimer: I am not Dylan Owen.
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last night dylan announced he’s working on a new EP! watch the video where he talks about the making of it above. who’s ready for new music?

Dylan is playing in New York on April 3rd, who’s going?


Dylan Owen & Kinetics - In The Corner


Dylan Owen - In The Corner ft Kinetics

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Dylan Owen - Keep Your Friends Close

Old Armor- Dylan Owen

this is my favorite song

check out Dylan Owen in Call Me Anything’s new music video for Celebrity!



Bookmarks- Dylan Owen

I don’t usually like rap, but this is nice. 

I’ve got postcards for all the friends I’m not close with, I’ve got broken hearts from the summers where we lost ourselves.
Dylan Owen in Postcards (featuring Jesse Denaro)